Who is Focused on the Huge Opportunity in Medical Cannabis?

Who is Focused on the Huge Opportunity in Medical Cannabis?

With California’s adult-use legalization fresh in investors’ minds, and full legalization looming in Canada, much of the focus has been around the retail potential of cannabis and related products. That is quite a change from even a couple of years ago, when the disruptive potential of medical marijuana was the biggest topic. In the intervening time, nothing has diminished the potential of medical cannabis but the headlines have moved to beverages and retail distribution. It may be worth another look to see what companies are executing in the medical arena.

One such player is Empower Clinics (CSE: EPW). The company currently owns physician-staffed clinics in Oregon, Washington, and Illinois, providing expert medical care to more than 25,000 registered patients across its network. Empower is capitalizing on a vacuum in the medical industry, where patients are increasingly seeking less harmful alternatives to currently prescribed treatments like opioids while traditionally-trained doctors lack the necessary training or comfort level to prescribe medical cannabis. Empower Clinics offer the type of care and expertise that is often lacking for patients interested in cannabis, many of whom turn to their local budtenders or the Internet for treatment advice due to a lack of valid medical opinions.

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